ESS featured in 2022 calendar

In 2021, the ESS was featured for the first time in the Chisolm Trail 100 Club 2022 calendar. Photos featured are on the February pages. The photos depict a Burleson, Texas scene and area firefighters at a house fire. The ESS responded at the height of the February snow and in eight-degree weather.

The feature photo (left) depicts a firefighter drinking a warm beverage as he rests from fighting a fire. The firefighter’s helmet and turnout gear is covered in icicles from fighting the fire. The next photo (top right) is from the same call but shows an arriving fire department unit driving down a snow-covered road. The third photo (lower right) is of an ESS volunteer working to serve first responders behind an ESS unit.

Photographers featured were Assistant Chief Grace Goodwin and ESS Volunteer Alicia Nevarez-Warner.

Visit the ESS Photo Album to see more photos:

Photo of Chisolm Trail 100 Club calendar with ESS photos.
Chilsholm Trail 100 Club 2022 Calendar

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