ESS:  Reflective House Signs Save Lives and Safety

Reflective house number sign fundraiser

EGAN, TEXAS– Reflective house address signs save lives. A local former responder (who does not want to use his name) should know.  He recalls installing the only reflective address sign at a new home in a new subdivision just days before Christmas.

 “It was a lucky coincidence,” he said.  “When the medical call came in, I knew it sounded familiar.  It turns out, we had just installed a reflective sign at that home recently.”

The signs are red rectangles with white reflective address numbers on them. Reflectivity helps responders find homes and businesses even in the dark.

Poorly lit signs, bad weather, hard-to-see signage, and bad placement are reasons emergency responders say make it hard to find a home.

“From the street, it’s nearly impossible to tell what family home needs help,” according to Emergency Support Service (ESS) Chief Randal Goodwin. “It is important that homes are properly marked with addresses so that responders can locate those who need help as soon as possible. It also keeps our responders safe by not sending them to the wrong place.”

The ESS is selling and installing 911 address signs.  The basic cost of an addressed sign alone is $20. A numbered sign complete with installation is $35.   For more information, call 817-233-0800 or order a sign at MY911SIGN@GMAIL.COM