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The Emergency Support Service works to support other fire departments around the world. The ESS has gathered good used equipment to take to fire departments in other parts of the world that have very little. In 2006 and 2008 donations were gathered from local fire departments and from fire departments as far away as New York. These donations were driven down to San Miguel de Allende Fire Department in Mexico.

The pictures below are from a ceremony in which new fire fighters that completed a 10 month fire academy. Here is the letter from Edgar Cancino, the chief of the San Miguel de Allende Fire Department:

A few weeks ago we had a ceremony at our Fire Department where we gave bunker gear to the guys that completed the Fire Academy (10 months long) as well as some of the guys that had some gear in really bad shape. As you will appreciate in the pictures (attached) some of the gear was really hanging by a thread (literally).
We all thank you for making this possible and helping us to work in safer conditions.
Thanks again,
Edgar Cancino

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San Miguel de Allende Fire Department Getting New Gear (Click on any photo for a higher resolution)