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Thanks to American Steel Carports for the new carport to park the trucks under!



How can I help?

There are a couple of ways to help:

1. Time- In a volunteer organization, no matter how many volunteers it has, there are never quite enough. Therefore, E.S.S. has an on-going perennial campaign to seek men and women to help.

Volunteers find the jobs most rewarding. While doing an exciting, interesting get a chance to meet and work with many others, who have built a strong camaraderie.

Volunteering is a very rewarding. Our reward is knowing that we have helped our county’s bravest perform their important tasks. We all know that their THANK YOU is truly meant. Working with the area fire departments has allowed us to meet and associate with the finest group of people we know. Helping them out is a privilege not a task. The E.S.S. is always looking for additional members. If you think that you are the right person please fill out and submit the form below for more information.
 Your time is one of the most valued gifts you can give.

2. Donation like other organizations money is always needed as well, If you would like to donate money or other items please contact us to learn how.

We welcome everyone to become a part of the E.S.S. family .For information please e-mail us at .