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Welcome to, home to the Emergency Support Service. We are a volunteer fire department support unit that provide rehab and air supply to all the fire departments of Johnson County, Texas. We invite you to learn more about us and what we do for our county's bravest.

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2012 New Year

I would like to start out 2012 with a look back at 2011. The year 2011 was a record breaking year for us. We broke call volume record like most in a day, most in a month. We were called for service a total of 82 times, we were able to answer 81 of them. We responded to several calls a day and even some at the same time.  The calls lasted longer than ever as well. Even though they were pushed hard the volunteers of ESS endured with great pride and dignity, knowing that no matter how hard it was on them, it was worse for our firefighters. They made many personal sacrifices, like Melinda missing her mother's surprise birthday party, because nobody else could respond! Captains Donald Dale and Carl Bryce working 12 and 18 hour days at work and still going to fires.  As a new obstacle got in the way our members found a way around it. 

Our year was filled with many blessings as well, a record number of new volunteers is the best one of all!!  Our ranks are swelled with some of the best members to date. For that I thank God each time our tone goes out. We got a chance to fellowship and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ESS.  

We faced challenges like helping collect, deliver and distribute supplies to the firefighters at the first Possum Kingdom complex fire. We ask our friends and strangers for help and they followed through in an over whelming manner! 

 Johnson County ESD#1 also blessed us with trust and new high tech cooling system in order to serve our responders better and for that I am very grateful!  Anytime we needed help this year our awesome fire departments came through for us, yet another reason the be thankful!  There were many changes in 2011 we said good bye to people that had another paths to follow. and witnessed changes in Johnson County Fire Department history as Lillian VFD and Midnoth VFD closed their doors.

As we head into 2012 we look forward to another year of service and fellowship  to Johnson County’s Bravest. I also say a prayer for a clam and safe year for everybody!!

Chief Randal Goodwin